Our History

Roots of Earth, is a spiritual vision that has evolved from the ancestral indigenous peoples, helping people from all cities to find the knowledge, dance, or traditional medicine directly, thus helping the healing of all humanity, with the love for our Mother Earth.

Roots of the Earth has ceremonies and traditional meetings with Grandparents and Grandmothers, who join us for four days to pray together with their native languages ​​within a Kiva (Heart of the Earth) with the same goal, with our Grandfather Fire.

Our other ceremonies are; Sun Dance Ceremony, with the medicine and guidance of the Oglala Lakota; Ceremonies of Vision Quest; intertribal Sweat Lodge and interactive workshops of spiritual and familial nature.

The name Roots of Earth, is born from the need to reach all the roots of all the land since it was created, as the Song of the Village, and later as the Song of the Earth, the name that was presented by our spiritual teacher Raymundo "Tigre" Perez; who showed us and guided us as the Great Spirit allowed him, leaving in our hands the correct way to live and respect one and another, so that we can reach more and more people, and awaken all of our roots.. ... that's my mission, now together with the many beings who are waking up around the world, creating and strengthening spiritual bridges that reconnect our lives ...

Heriberto Villaseñor Gómez


General Director of Roots of the Earth

¡RESERVA YA!: (+34) 947 002 963

Information about the upcoming Family Ceremony Roots of the Earth

Roots of the Earth Holland 

Kiva Ceremony

from 24th to 28th of August

We invite you to share the first meeting of the second cycle of 4 years Roots of the Earth Holland which will take place from 24th to 28th of August 2016. 

 Vision Quest


from  31st of August to 4th  of September

Roots of the Earth Perú

 Kiva Ceremony

from 17th to 20th of November