What is

Roots of

 the Earth

Roots of the Earth is a ceremony, that endeavors to make accessible the native indigenous traditional knowledge from the hands of the caretakers and representatives of their societies that have been protected during all these years with the love and vision of many people who support this common dream. Born in the years of the 1970's from the vision of Reymundo Perez, and during these past 45 years we have been realizing this dream continually; integrating each time our new guests who are invited to share this experience which is a real bridge of communication, cooperation and interrelation of spiritual leaders of original peoples, who represent the inheritance and culture of the same sacred fire that brings us together and calls us together.

In Roots of the Earth all participants come together : children, elders, young people, men and women who all participate in this community gathering, and who are part of and supporters of these activities during these 4 days.



Roots of the Earth is a vision of a medicine man of the North named Reymundo "Tigre" Perez who grew up in Texas, and who since his childhood was around the native spirituality of the Dine (Navajos) of the Big Mountain Reservation and the Lakotas from the South Dakota region of the Rosebud Reservation of the Sicangu Oyate. Tigre Perez dedicated his life to propagating the essence of the indigenous spirituality of the american people - indigenous and mestizo, and ran sweat lodges in the United States and Mexico during his whole life. When he received this divine vision during a Sun Dance and before when the elders came, he assumed the mission to reunite the elders of all the Americas to pray together for our Earth Mother and all of humanity, in their own languages, and bring us their teachings, which was the birth of Roots of the Earth.

Thanks to the legacy of Tigre Perez, for more than 45 years in north America, this work has served as a point for creating an intertribal alliance of international nature within the indigenous and mestizo peoples of the American continent, opening in Mexico for the first time in 1989 in the community of Teopantly Kalpulli, in San Isisdro, Mazatepec, Jalisco. Following the vision of Tigre Perez, this work opened a window to the cosmic consciousness of the human being and fortifies the geomagnetic web of the earth, making life generate more sustainably and conscious, along with the mineral realm, the vegetation and animal realms, and with the four basic elements of the Mother Earth; fire, water, air and earth. This is all thanks to the indigenous elders who work together as a single spirit-mind-heart, making a ceremony of healing the Mother Earth and humanity during the four days and three nights. The spiritual heart of the ceremony has it's place within the structure of what corresponds to an appropriately indigenous model, the Kiva, that consists in a circular excavation, where the elders pray and elevate the healing call, and appreciation for the Mother Earth in front of a Sacred Fire that is maintained during the entire four days. In 1995 Reymundo "Tigre" Perez became known as an Inter Tribal Chief by the Council of Elders and members of seven distinct tribes. During the ceremony to honor him, he was presented with a headdress of condor and eagle feathers which was to acknowledge his years of work. This was the last day of the Kiva ceremony that opened in Texas. Two days after this, Reymundo "Tigre" Perez crossed over to the spirit world.

This line of work, which sustains the values of collaborative principles and communities, has been realized in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Perú and Austria. Since 2013 the organization of Roots of the Earth is recognized by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture UNESCO. 

This line of work sustains the values and collaborative principles of the communities which have been realized in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Holland and Peru.