•Plate, cup or glass and silverware - (they are not included or provided)

• All the implements necessary to stay in the camp comfortably, such as your tent, sleeping bag, camp light or flash light, and mosquito repellent.

• Toilet Paper.

• Skirt or dress for all women and pants for the men.

• For the Sweat Lodge: Shorts for the men, and dress for the women is required. Bring your towel and andals.

• Warm clothing and appropriate for working.

We recommend that you do not eat or drink food anywhere near the Sun Dancers, so that you will be in harmony and observe how this ceremony of our elders is done. 

We ask you to please promise that you will not throw trash or cigarette butts on our Sacred ground. There are waste barrels, for recycle as well as separate for the organic and inorganic.

It is strictly prohibited to light any fires, or even camp stoves in any part of this Sacred land. 
NO cameras, video cameras, or alcohol or drugs are allowed, this is a Family Ceremony.