In 1989 Reymundo Tigre Perez came to the community of Teopantli Kalpulli. He realized the first "Vision Quest" from our Fire, and since then, year after year we have been doing this in the best and most magical places away from densely populated areas to realize our prayers in total peace and consciousness, for this encounter of our Vision Quest on the Mountain.


To get to the mountain, it is necessary to have helped out at the Sweat Lodge ceremonies, to be prepared and know the elements which will nourish you during the Ceremony, ..please, no women on their moon time (menstration), and have a good mental-spiritual vibration.

The women will go up with skirt or dress, and your prayer ties of tobacco on your stick, the men with shorts and your prayer ties of tobacco on your stick and your star blanket.

Each vision offering is for a spirit direction, the first is to the east, place of the light, where the sun rises. The second to the south, place of our roots, and families. The third is to the west, place of repose, and the night, and the fourth is for the north, place of the snow, grey hairs and wisdom.


These are the people who will eat and drink for you, and will go into the sweat lodge to send you he healing energy of the sweat lodge ceremony.

The supporter / helper should be someone close to you, like a good friend or family member, who is spiritually aware.


In the camp we have communal meals, Sweat Lodge (2 each day), specific work as part of the rocess as supporters, in harmony with the earth and sky where everyone is integrated in a great spiritual family.

We hope that with our family you find your spiritual path and the calling of the Red Road.

When you get to the camp area, please register and receive your bracelet in order to enter and find your place in the camping area.



- During the ceremony (the 4 days) it is strictly prohibited any consumption of Alcohol or Drugs, as well as any sexual activity, and any activities that take us away from the spirit of our Roots of the Earth, in Family communion and celebration.

- It is prohibited to light fires in any area of the land. The only fires that are permitted are the fires for the Sweat Lodge and the Kitchen.

- It is prohibited to take any pictures or sound recordings - including cell phones, video cameras, or any kind of camera.


Plate, cup or glass and silverware - (they are not included or provided)

• All the implements necessary to stay in the camp comfortably, such as your tent, sleeping bag, camp light or flash light, and mosquito repellent.

• Toilet Paper.

• Skirt or dress for all women and pants for the men.

• For the Sweat Lodge: Shorts for the men, and dress for the women is required. Bring your towel and andals.

• Warm clothing and appropriate for working.