Our Sun Dance is guided by our Elders of the Oglala Lakota, and these clan members came to our Mexican lands to bring us their medicine in the form of guidance, in the ancestral manner, in direct line with the essence of those who created the Sun Dance to clean and heal our spirits.

The Sun Dance is the ceremony that was spiritually given to the Lakota people and that the original indigenous people utilize for different healing uses and to concentrate the energy for spiritual medicine, integration, strength, offering, unity of the clans, and over all intensifying and healing our spiritual energies.

If you have a minimum of 2 Vision Quest on the Mountain, you know what the offering is of fasting from water and food for four days, and you are invited, as well as all the brothers and sisters who are Sun Dancers from all circles who have a desire to accompany us in this Ceremonial way with our Sacred Tree, the four colors of humanity and the four cardinal directions, we open our arms. The Roots of the Earth Family is in the true eagle's nest, and we await you to come and share in this spiritual world with us......AHO...!!!!!!


Sun Dance Sacred Altar: Loretta Afraid of Bear - Oglala Lakota

Black Hills Sun Dance Leader: Tom Kanatakeniate Cook - Mohawk

Ex Vice President of the Oglala Lakota Nation - Milo Yellow Hair 

Sponsor: Heriberto Villaseñor - Director, Roots of the Earth Family


To be able to Sun Dance, both Men and Women will need certain implements. 
These are detailed in a PDF format file that will be sent to your email to follow in order to Sun Dance. 


The people who want to support in the camp are welcome, all those who would like to know the Sun Dance or who will be accompanying a Sun Dancer.

There will be communal meals (from the 14th to the 17th of July, if you come before this, please bring your own food for that time). There will also be work to share in as part of the family, and we will make our work part of the prayer as we pray and work together. 

The visitors or supporters participating together in this prayer outside the Sun Dance circle, should bring a sun visor or hat, so that outside the circle you can watch and live the prayer together with the Ceremony within the Sacred Circle. 

We will have a Sweat Lodge each day for Visitors and Supporters. 



PLEASE, don't bring your pets

they cannot enter the Sun Dance circle area.  

How to get to the camp