What you need to bring to the Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Women on their period, please bring a red belt to wear.
  • Dress or blouse and skirt, or similar attire (that covers the shoulders).
  • Pregnant women can participate at 5 months along in pregnancy.
  • Towel and bathing suit for men and women.
  • Small instrument such as a rattle.
  • Grandparents and children are welcome and do not need to pay the contribution.
  • Come early to help out, we need everyone!
  • If you have a chronic health condition, please inform the person in charge of the sweat lodge ceremony. 

San Isidro Mazatepec, Guadalajara

The fire of this circle in San Isidro was ignited for the first time, 15 years ago by Heriberto Villaseñor and the medicine of Tigre Perez. It is the mother circle from which many of us started our walk on the Good Red Road and which has opened to many more.

In San Isidro the fire is ignited at 10 am every Sunday of the year and we enter the Sweat Lodge at 12 pm. The prayer is family oriented and open to any person who wishes to know the medicine and share in it.  


Sweat Lodge: Saturdays at 3:00 pm in the afternoon / In charge of the fire: Hector Macedo: + 52 1 331095 2179 cellular. 


Sweat Lodge: Saturdays at 12:00 am every 15 days / In charge of the fire: Eduardo Diaz 

Tlajomulco de Zúñiga

Sweat Lodge on Saturdays every 15 days at 5:30 pm /
In charge of the fire: Alberto Rellano + 52 1 3316008112 / Location: Avenida San Miguel #21 fraccionamiento San Diego en el municipio de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. 


Sweat Lodge every Saturday at 5:00pm / In charge: Contact - Pablo + 52 1 311116 7194, or Cayó + 52 1 311137 3373 / Location: Topacio @ corner with bronce, colonia Matatipac.


The Sweat Lodge is run 1 time per month, on every full moon / Person in charge: Lilia del Toro +52 311 260 3058 / Location: calle frankfort, colonia Nueva Alemania, Temazcal Yolocihuatl.

Jerez de García Salinas

Sweat Lodge on Sundays, each 15 days at 12:00 pm / Person in charge: Efen + 52 1 457 1032 843, Gilberto + 52 1 494 949 1677 y José Luis + 52 1 492 949 36 25, Juan Pablo + 52 1 33 1527 1719 / Location: Rancho los Morales, Jerez, Zacatecas.

This fire is cared for and follows the fire of the Kiva on the equinoxes and solstices. The Roots of the Earth Ceremony began during the years of 2011 and 2014, and during this time there was a great drought in this area, and on the first day of the first ceremony it began to rain, after the Elders had prayed and asked for the rain.  

Punta de Agua, Manzanillo

Sweat Lodges are every 15 days on the new moon and on the full moon / In charge: Romero Roberto + 52 1 3141069694, Ruben Sandoval + 52 1 314120 2655.

This fire is cared for and follows the fire of the Kiva on equinoxes and solstices. The major Ceremony of Roots of the Earth began during the years of 203 and 2006. 

Xochimilco, México D.F.

Sweat Lodge Sundays every 15 days at 12:00 pm. / Person in charge: Fernando Garcia + 52 1 5527113994 / Location: Avenida Benito Juárez number 52, pueblo de San Andrés Ahuayucan, Delegación Xochimilco, codigo postal 16810.

San Juan, Teotihuacán, Estado de México.

Sweat Lodge every 15 days at 11:00 a.m. / Person in charge: Jorge + 52 1 5585615286 or Adi (55) 4581 5572  

Amatlán de Quetzalcoatl

Sundays every 15 days we light the fire at 11:00 a.m./ In charge: Fernado Cabello - Móvil + 52 1 55 1951 92 99

Tel contacto : + 52 1 449911 0895


Sweat Lodge every full moon and new moon / Person in charge: Francisco Chávez / Location: Calle Ciruelo S/ N Cañada Grande de Cotorina, Aguascalientes.