What you need to bring to the Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Women on their period, please bring a red belt to wear.
  • Dress or blouse and skirt, or similar attire (that covers the shoulders).
  • Pregnant women can participate at 5 months along in pregnancy.
  • Towel and bathing suit for men and women.
  • Small instrument such as a rattle.
  • Grandparents and children are welcome and do not need to pay the contribution.
  • Come early to help out, we need everyone!
  • If you have a chronic health condition, please inform the person in charge of the sweat lodge ceremony.


Sweat Lodge Sundays at 10:00am / Person in charge: Boris Quinteros - 051 961702196 / 051 931767887 / Location: Campus de Chef School Banda de Shilcayo Tarapoto.


Sweat Lodge Sundays at 11:00am / Person in charge: Salvador Reyes 051 993878590 / Location: KM. 19.5 carretera pasamayo / km 63 panamericana norte / Aucallama-Huaral-Lima.